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A message from Guardian editor in chief Alan Rusbridger

You ask: we search

We’re now around 10 days into coverage of the embassy cables.

We’ve done a thorough job of searching for themes, people and issues,

but we know we’ll have missed many intriguing and important stories.

What have we missed? What would you be searching for if you were

sitting in front of the database?

We’ll do our best to look. We can’t, as the agony aunts say, enter into

personal correspondence or hand out information or individual cables.

But we can look for material that could be reported in the Guardian, or

on WikiLeaks‘ own site, or with the four other news organisations

involved. The rule of thumb is that we’ll use our news judgements,

as we have with all the cables we’ve looked at so far.

Simply tweet @gdncables with the information you’re interested in.

We’re working with a search engine, remember, so it would help greatly

if you could give us:

– Search terms
– Rough dates (the main archive runs from 2005 to Feb 2010)
– The likely embassy involved ( eg ‘Moscow’, or ‘Kampala’)

So you might say @gdncables Oil Spills June 2003 Angola

Our resources aren’t infinite – but we’ll do our best, so please

be a *little* patient!


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December 10, 2010 at 10:11 am

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