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Thai Cables – It’s Your Right to Know the Truth!

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Thai Cables

Between 2005 and February 2010 a total of 2985 (other sources state 3516) Cables have been sent from the US Embassy in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

This tremendous amount of information cover a wide range of topics from corruption by Thailand’s political parties and politicians to the involvement of Thailand’s Royal Family in politics. The inhumane treatment of Refugees, Human Trafficking and military spendings are exposed.

Thailand’s media apply apply self-censorship and distort news to aid government propaganda. An army of “cyber-scouts” have blocked over 400.000 websites all under the pretense to protect “The Royal Family” or for reasons of “National Security”. A witch-hunt after everyone who dares to speak their mind has been started, often using Article 112 or the Cyber Crime Act to prosecute and jail people, who used their Right of Freedom of Speech. Hundreds of arrests have been made in the last years and harsh sentences often up to 15 years been handed out. People have been jailed for sending SMS messages, for selling DVD’s with a public available ABC documentary or posting comments on Facebook. The web-master of Pratchatai is threatened with 50 years in prison for not removing quickly enough an anonymous user comment deemed “lesse majeste”.

A climate of fear and denunciation has taken hold of Thailand, democracy became an empty word. Those in power do everything to remain in control and power. Even elections have been announced to be held in June 2011 many do believe that they won’t take place or their result will be ignored, pushing Thailand once more close to a military dictatorship.

The 3000 “Thai-Cables” belong to the Thai People as they give a quite detailed account over years about the situation in Thailand. It’s the Right of the Thai People to know about the People in Power and to make up their own mind, uninfluenced by propaganda and fear.

We do not believe in censorship nor in laws which have been abused to intimidate everyone who exercises their right of free speech. The Thai Cables you find published here are unedited and only names of informants or journalists have been censored in order to protect them.

We will publish every day a small balanced assortment of important “Thai-Cables”. A certain part of the cables consist of routine information which might only be interesting to certain groups. Those will be made available in bulk to download.

We encourage every website to mirror the content of our website and spread it all over the internet.


It’s Your Right to know the Truth!


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March 28, 2011 at 9:20 am

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  1. The TRUTH tells no lie


    September 4, 2011 at 1:34 pm

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