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“29739”,”3/30/2005 9:46″,”05BANGKOK2255″,


“05BANGKOK1528”,”This record is a partial extract of the original cable.

The full text of the original cable is not available.








E.O. 12958: N/A

TAGS: PGOV, PHUM, TH, NRC – National Reconciliation Committee





1. (U) Summary: On March 28, Prime Minister Thaksin

officially appointed a broad-based 48-member National

Reconciliation Commission (NRC) to explore solutions to the

ongoing separatist turmoil in Thailand\’s predominantly Muslim

southern provinces. NRC Chairperson and former Prime

Minister Anand Panyarachun, who is not a political ally of

Thaksin, expressed satisfaction at the Prime Minister\’s

immediate acceptance of the list of recommended members he

submitted. Anand told the press that he had tried to

assemble a diverse group and noted that some members were

critics of Thaksin\’s policies. Local observers have praised

the composition of the NRC for its balance of government,

academic, NGO, military and political opposition

representatives. About one third of the NRC\’s members are

Muslims. Anand counseled patience to the public, saying that

the NRC will likely need a full nine months to finish its

work and present policy recommendations. The first meeting

of the Commission is slated for April 8. The NRC membership

follows in para 2.


2. (U) National Reconciliation Commission Members are:


Chairman: Anand Panyarachun – Former Prime Minister


Deputy: Prawese Wasi – Noted social critic and Ramon

Magsaysay winner for Government Service (1981)


Civilian Representatives (from the South):


Gen. (retd.) Narong Dejudom – Former 4th Army Commander


Netr Chantharasami – Businessman and department store

owner in Hat Yai

Bancha Pongpanich – Former Rector of Walailak

University, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

Prasit Meksuwan – Secretary-General of the Teachers

Confederation in five southern provinces

Piya Kitthavorn – Faculty of Humanities and Social

Science, Prince of Songkhla University, Pattani

Petdao Tohmena – Medical Doctor and daughter of Senator

Den Tohmena

Maryam Samoh – Director of the Orphanage Center in

Pattani Province

Muhamad Adam – Director of the Narul Islam Bhumi School

in Pattani Province

Ratiya Salae – Lecturer, Thaksin University, Songkhla


Woravit Baru – Vice-Rector, Prince of Songkhla

University, Pattani

Aedueramae Mamingli – Chairman of the Pattani Islamic


Ananchai Thaiprathan – Advisor to the Young Muslim


Ismail Lutfi Japakiya – Rector of Yala Islamic College

Abduirohmae Jehsae – Chairman of the Yala Islamic


Abduraman Abdulsamad – Chairman of the Narathiwat

Islamic Committee

Asmadsomboon Bualuang – Lecturer, Prince of Songkhla



Civilian Representatives (from other regions of Thailand):


Chaiwat Satha-anand – Lecturer and Director of the Peace

Information Center, Foundation for Democracy and

Development Studies

Dejudom Krairit – President of the Law Society of Thailand

Naree Charoenpolpirlya – Instructor at the Peace Information


Pichai Rattanpol – Chairman of the National Security

Council\’s Non-Violent Strategy Committee

Piphob Thongchai – Advisor to the Campaign for Popular


Paisal Promyong – Deputy Secretary-General of the

Central Islamic Committee of Thailand

Phra Paisal Visaro – Abbot of Wat Pasukato, Chayaphum


Mark Tamthai – Director of the Religious and Cultural

Studies Center, Pyap University

Srisak Wallipodom – Historian and Archaeologist

Saowanee Chitmuad – Lecturer Rajabhat University

Ammar Siamwala – Honorary Advisor to the Thailand

Development and Research Institute (TDRI)


Political Representatives:


Kanchana Silpa-archa – Chart Thai Party MP from

Suphanburi Province

Chaturon Chaisaeng – Deputy Prime Minister

Pol.Gen. Chitchai Wannasathit – Deputy Prime Minister

and Interior Minister

Prasert Pongsuwansiri – Democrat Party MP from Yala


Pongthep Thepkanchana – Thai Rak Thai Party-List MP and

Government Head Whip

Surin Pitsuwan – Democrat Party Deputy Leader and

former Foreign Minister

Sophon Supapong – Bangkok Senator




Kittipong Kityarak – Director-General of the Probation

Department, Ministry of Justice

Jiraporn Bunnag – Deputy Secretary-General of the

National Security Council, The Prime Minister\’s Office

Pornnipa Limpapayom – Secretary-General of the Office

of the Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education

Vichai Thienthawom – Permanent Secretary, Ministry of

Public Health

Lt.Gen. Weipote Srinual – Assistant Chief-of-Staff,

Royal Thai Army

Sirachi Choterat – Deputy Director-General of the

National Intelligence Agency, The Prime Minister\’s Office

Pol. Lt.Gen. Somsak Khwaengsopa – Commissioner of the

Border Patrol Police

Gen. Sirichai Thanyasiri – Director-General of the

Southern Border Provinces Peace Promotion Center

Sucharit Patchimnant – Director-General of the

Provincial Administration Department, Ministry of Interior


National Reconciliation Commission Secretariat Office:


Bavornsak Uvanno – Secretary-General of the Southern

Border Provinces Peace Promotion Center

Gothom Ariya – Lecturer, Peace Solution Studies and

Development Center, Mahidol University

Surichai Wankaeo – Lecturer, Political Science Faculty,

Chulalongkorn University




3. (SBU) As noted above, Anand recruited a diverse group of

nationally-known academics, government officials, opposition

politicians, and social activists to the NRC. For example,

Police General Chitchai Wannasathit is the senior Deputy

Prime Minister, Interior Minister, a close personal associate

of Thaksin and his designated overseer of security activities

in the south. Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, on the other hand, is a

nationally-regarded opposition Democrat Party Member of

Parliament (MP), a Muslim, and former foreign minister in

Chuan Leekpai\’s government. He has sharply criticized the

Thaksin Administration\’s policies in the South. Prawet Wasi

is a sharp-tongued social commentator and frequent Thaksin

critic. Ammar Sianwalar is an Advisor to the Thailand

Development Research Institute, and Gothom Ariya was Chairman

of Forum Asia, the regional human rights NGO. Mark Tamthai

is a prominent academic and senior advisor to the Thai

National Security Council (NSC) on southern issues. Ismael

Lutfi Japakiya is the highly controversial Rector of Yala

Islamic College. Many of the NRC civil society members

strongly criticized Thaksin for seeking to establish a

\”zoning policy\” in southern Thailand, that would have

punished villages in \”red\” areas for \”cooperating\” with

separatist groups. Widespread opposition to this zoning

policy eventually led to Thaksin\’s formation of the

Commission and selection of Anand to head it (Reftel). More

detailed bio material on NRC members will be provided septel.




4. (SBU) Comment: Thaksin\’s choice of the widely-regarded

former Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun to head the

high-profile NRC was a surprise. During a meeting March 29

with visiting A/S Designate Chris Hill and the Ambassador

(Septel), opposition MP and commission member Surin noted

Anand\’s ability to openly criticize Thaksin, even as the NRC

is just being formed. \”The Prime Minister may regret that he

appointed Anand to head this commission,\” Surin said. Some

cynics say that Thaksin wants to pass the responsibility for

solving the chronic troubles in the South to Anand and his

Commission, while others have insisted that Thaksin,

realizing that he\’s hit a dead end in resolving the violence

is sincerely hoping Anand and the NRC come up with a workable

plan. We lean towards the latter characterization of the

Prime Minister\’s attitude. For now, all eyes will be on the

commission at the outset of what will be a long and difficult

process to find ways to peacefully resolve the increasingly

bloody conflict in the Muslim south.



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