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“71364”,”7/14/2006 10:33″,”06BANGKOK4212″,”Embassy Bangkok”,




DE RUEHBK #4212/01 1951033


R 141033Z JUL 06














E.O. 12958: N/A







1. (SBU) On July 14, as promised (reftel B), the People\’s

Alliance for Democracy (PAD) returned to the streets to

present their views of the current political situation in

Thailand to the international community. Approximately 1,000

demonstrators marched on the Chinese, French, Japanese,

Russian, and UK Embassies and before rallying outside the

U.S. Embassy to present an \”open letter\” to the U.S. The

letter (text copied below) rejects caretaker Prime Minister

Thaksin Shinawatra as \”the representative of Thailand and the

Thai people\” and apologizes that Thaksin sent a letter to

President Bush, \”bypassing the Ambassador.\” The rally was

peaceful, and after the letter was delivered to poloff, the

PAD marched on to nearby Lumpini park to continue the protest.


2. (U) Begin Text



The People\’s Alliance for Democracy

Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand


14 July 2006,


To the President of the United States of America


As representatives of the Thai people we have acquainted

ourselves with the contents of the letter Police Lieutenant

Colonel Thaksin Shinawatra, our caretaker prime minister,

sent to you on June 23, 2006 and of your answer to it.


We reaffirm the Thai people\’s determination to carry on the

equal, sincere and mutually beneficial relations of

friendship between our two countries that the kings of

Thailand have forged with the presidents of the United States

of America over centuries.


We will safeguard this friendship for the sake of peace and

happiness, human dignity and freedom, and we will not allow

anyone to misuse it for their own purposes.


This is why we must apologize to the United States government

for the head of Thailand\’s caretaker government breaching

protocol by bypassing your ambassador here, whom we are well

aware has many friends in this country, is well informed and

fully able to report truthfully, and performs his duties

extremely well.


We wish to express our shame that the head of our caretaker

government wrote a letter seeking personal friendship over

and above the friendship between our two countries, and in a

way that makes our country look like a colony of yours. This

is an affront to the United States, as a country that

respects the freedom, independence and sovereignty of other



We hereby state categorically that the man who did this is no

longer the representative of Thailand and the Thai people.

He is the representative of a different system of government

which is not the democratic system with His Majesty the King

as Head of State that has long enjoyed friendship with the

United States of America.


Our country wants to develop the democratic system for the

benefit and happiness of our people, which is the common

objective of mankind. Unfortunately, our democratic system

with His Majesty the King as Head of State is being

challenged by a dictatorial, monopolistic system which

considers the people only as indentured slaves. Its leader

sees himself as the sole owner of the nation and has dared to

have thousands of our compatriots killed summarily, as the UN

High Commissioner for Human Rights and human rights

organization in your country are currently investigation.


That system believes in the power of money over

righteousness, decency, moral and ethical conducts, thus

shamelessly trampling on the common values of all religions


Since that system has appeared in Thailand, past democratic

mechanisms have been undermined and destroyed almost

entirely, parliamentary institutions have been used as hired

hands, elections have been reduced to wholesale auctioning of

the votes and rights of citizen, the legal system of the

kingdom has been shattered, and the principles of good

governance have been ignored and abused altogether.


BANGKOK 00004212 002 OF 003


The April 2, 2006 election held under that system was one of

the most dishonest ever held in the history of world

democracy. Only one party stood for election and, through

ruse and trickery, hired nominee parties to circumvent

constitutional rules. Dishonest practices such as stuffing

ballot boxes, discounting negative votes and spying on voters

in voting booths were so widespread and extensive that people

protested all over the land. Eventually, the Constitutional

Court deemed the election unconstitutional and ordered the

holding of a new election, which is something unprecedented

in the history of our nation.


It is most shameful for Thailand that the head of our

caretaker government would boast to the president of a

leading democratic country that this world-class electoral

deception was his own victory and further claimed that he was

prevented from forming a new government despite his victory

by the losers.


According to the Christian belief you hold, Mr. President,

sinners who repent their sins can still reform themselves and

be forgiven, but sinners who do not acknowledge that they

have done wrong and furthermore boast that what they did was

correct are a danger to themselves, to others, to the nation

and to mankind.


We believe that you, as a deeply religious man guided by the

principles of fairness and morality, find this kind of

individual and this kind of system abhorrent.


At present the Thai people are endeavoring to retrieve the

dignity of their county and are fighting to revive and return

to our democratic system with His Majesty the King as Head of

State. We are fighting for freedom and human dignity, for

freedom of information and of political expression.


We ask you to be confident that the friendship between our

two countries will go on forever and will not be derailed by

a tyrannical system or any errant individual.


We are ashamed of the sweet words used in the manner a kid

fooling a classmate about the war against terrorism and we

are glad that your answer did not allude to this at all.


Since time immemorial, our country has enjoyed happiness and

peace internally and externally because the Thai people

believe strongly in friendship and friendly cohabitation. We

oppose the use of violence in every form and this is the true

basis of security for our country and our region.


But now that a tyrannical and dictatorial system under the

guise of democracy has taken over Thailand during the past

five years, violence has happened widely. In the southernmost

provinces it has reached the stage of a civil war that

threatens to spread northwards.


Even worse than this is that the fostering of divisions with

neighboring countries and the rest of the region has created

tensions all over the Malay peninsula, which we believe is

the most dangerous for regional peace.


Insurgents in the South have proclaimed that as long as a

tyrannical, monopolistic system continues to hold sway in

Thailand there will be no peace.


We are against violence, but we understand what it means to

lose parents, relatives and whole families that are

arbitrarily and cruelly hunted, abducted and murdered without

recourse to the judicial process.


We believe that this is what fuels the insurgency.


We apologize to you that the head of our caretaker government

does not think of the losses to our country, our people and

our region at all and has the cheek to hide behind his war

against insurgents.


From what we know of the pride and dignity of the American

people, we believe that no American leader, past, present or

future, would ever behave like our caretaker prime minister.

We hereby express our utmost regrets and shame over his



According to our belief, whoever performs bad deeds sooner or

later will be paid back in kind, and we know that, according

to your belief, God punishes those who do evil to country,

nation and people.


BANGKOK 00004212 003 OF 003


Respectfully yours,


The People\’s Alliance for Democracy



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