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This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.









E.O. 12958: N/A




REF: (A) 03 BANGKOK 4051 (B) 04 BANGKOK 8783


¶1. (SBU) Summary: Washington-based Terrorist Interdiction

Program(TIP)/PISCES Director Keith McCoy and Program Officer

Julie Reynolds along with PISCES Thailand Coordinator Tang

Penland met with Thai Immigration Bureau and National

Security Council (NSC) officials February 20-25 to discuss

the future scope of the PISCES border control management

system in Thailand. The parties agreed to incorporate

additional features into the PISCES system, to discuss

incorporating other features, and to modify target delivery

dates. Initial installation at Thailand’s three major

airports is scheduled for May 2005, installation at 14

border points currently using an Office of the Narcotics

Control Board (ONCB) system by November 2005, and the

remaining 39 ports of entry completed by December 2006. End



¶2. (SBU) Immigration Bureau (IB) Commissioner Amarin

Niemskul advised the PISCES team members February 24 that

the IB had decided to cancel its existing contract with a

local Thai company which was to develop a duplicative system

similar to PISCES (discussed Ref A). Prior to the

cancellation of the local contract, PISCES development and

installation was to occur in two phases. Phase I would

include the full PISCES system installed at Thailand’s three

major airports. However, during Phase II (installation at

the remaining border points), the Thai system to be

developed under the separate contract was to be primary,

with PISCES only supplying certain add-on components such as

fingerprint scanners and document readers.


¶3. (SBU) While the scope of the cancelled contract was to

provide system applications similar to PISCES, it also

called for development of tangentially related back-office

functions that were not part of the PISCES package.

Commissioner Amarin provided the PISCES team with a

prioritized list of 28 system applications that were to have

been developed under the local contract and requested that

these features now be incorporated into the PISCES scope of

work. The PISCES team noted that seven of the 28

applications were core to immigration processing and already

incorporated in the PISCES design for Phase I (airports).

With the cancellation of the local contract, the PISCES team

agreed that those seven software applications plus the

necessary hardware would be provided at the remaining ports

of entry under Phase II.


¶4. (SBU) The PISCES team further agreed to consider

developing some or all of the additional 21 software

applications not directly linked to basic immigration

processing that had been slated for development under the

cancelled local contract. The PISCES program team agreed to

send technical personnel to Bangkok within the next two

months for detailed discussion on design aspects of the

additional system features. The parties agreed that

applications deemed tangential to the principal PISCES

function may be developed separately with an interface

linking them to the core border management application.


¶5. (SBU) The parties also discussed and revised future

PISCES installation target dates. The parties agreed to

extend the target date for Phase I (airports) installation

by two months to May 2005. The parties further agreed to

divide Phase II – the remaining border points – into two

parts, thereby creating Phase II and Phase III. The new

Phase II, to be completed by November 2005, includes 14

sites that currently operate a border control system

developed by the Office of the Narcotics Control Board

(ONCB). The new Phase III includes the remaining 39 border

points. Phase III sites are scheduled for completion by

December 2006. The additional tangential system functions

are anticipated to be completed for Phase II installation,

at which time they will also be added to the already

installed Phase I airport sites.


¶6. (SBU) The PISCES team briefed NSC Secretary General

Winai Phattiyakul on the above developments. General Winai

continues to be actively engaged in monitoring the progress

of the PISCES project and has repeatedly provided positive

influence in overcoming negotiation stumbling blocks.




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